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Application of Tungsten Steel

Tungsten steel has a series of excellent properties and is very versatile. Its use is still expanding over time. The main cemented carbide products are as follows:

1. Cutting tools: Tungsten carbide products contain various cutting tools. Tungsten steel for CNC tools accounts for about 20% of the total tungsten steel. In addition, there are integral tungsten steel drill bits, integral tungsten steel small circular saw blades, and tungsten steel micro-drill cutting tools.

2. Geological mining tools: geological mining tools are also a major use of tungsten steel. Tungsten steel for geological and mineral resources accounts for about 25% of the total production of tungsten steel. It is mainly used for percussive drilling bit, geological exploration bit, down the hole drill for mining and oil field, cone drill, pick of coal cutter and impact drill for building materials industry.

3. Moulds: Tungsten steel used for various molds accounts for about 8% of the total tungsten steel production. There are wire drawing dies, cold heading dies, cold extrusion dies, hot extrusion dies, hot forging dies, forming dies and drawing tube core rods, such as long core rods, spherical core rods, floating core rods, and so on.

4. Structural parts: There are many products made of tungsten steel used as structural parts, for example, rotating seal ring, compressor piston, lathe chuck, grinding machine spindle, bearing journal and so on.

5. Wear-resistant parts: Wear-resistant parts made of tungsten steel include nozzles, guide rails, plungers, balls, tire cleats, snowplow boards, and so on.

6. Chamber with high pressure and high-temperature resistance: its most important use is to produce synthetic anvil and pressure cylinder products. Tungsten steel for anvil and cylinder pressing has accounted for 9% of the total production of tungsten steel in China.

Tungsten steel is used more and more widely. In recent years, carbide producers have continued to expand in the civilian field. More cemented carbide products will definitely be developed in the future.

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