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How to Use a Saw Blade Milling Cutter in a Carbide Cutter?

Ⅰ. The advantages of carbide cutting tools

The solid carbide cutting tools saw blade and milling cutter has many advantages, but the cemented carbide itself is not as hard as high-speed steel. Therefore, if the selected cutting process is incorrect or the accuracy of the machine tool is poor, the possibility of edge chipping may occur.

Carbide cutting tools saw blades and milling cutters have good performance. In the dry cutting process, the internal cooling air flow can reduce chip flying, avoid chips being cut off, eliminate factors that are not conducive to subsequent processing, and reduce the durability of the saw blade milling cutter and chip scraping on the side, and ensure surface finish.

Ⅱ. What are the precautions when choosing carbide cutting tool materials?

In order to promote CNC machining, the heat treatment and grinding functions of carbide cutting tools are difficult to study. Of course, economy should be considered when manufacturing and selecting alloy tool materials. The cost of alloy cutting tools and coated cutting tools is relatively expensive, but their later use time is long. In mass production, the cost allocated to each part is much lower. Therefore, you need to consider comprehensively when choosing:

1. Carbide cutting tools need to have good mechanical properties. Generally speaking, the higher the hardness of the tool material, the higher the level of wear resistance. In addition, the cutting force and impact force that the cutting part of the tool needs to withstand are relatively large.

2. Carbide cutting tools have good heat resistance and thermal conductivity. The better the thermal conductivity of the tool material, the easier it is to conduct the heat generated during CNC alloy cutting, thereby reducing the temperature of the cutting parts and reducing tool wear.

3. Consider it from an economic point of view. Carbide cutting tools need to be studied from an economic point of view on the premise of meeting the processing requirements. If it is used for alloy turning tools, the price of Chinese tools is usually lower, while the price of welding turning tools is lower than the price of indexable turning tools clamped by the machine.

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