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What Are the Innovations of Modern Carbide Cutting Tools?

The innovation of carbide cutting tools is worthy of attention. The innovation of modern carbide cutting tools is manifested in three aspects:

1. Innovation of brands of carbide cutting tool material

It accounts for a large proportion of the current innovations of carbide cutting tools, especially for large comprehensive companies with the development and production capabilities of cemented carbide and super-hard materials. These companies launch a large number of new brands every year, which has become the main selling point of their new products of carbide cutting tools.

The development idea is based on the characteristics of the application field: the advantages of materials, coatings, and trough types are integrated and the development is characterized by "prescribe the right medicine", so that carbide cutting tool blades show performance advantages in a certain range of applications. Good processing effect can generally increase processing efficiency by more than 20%. It can also be seen that we must speed up the construction of R&D and production bases of cemented carbide.

2. The coating has played a great role in the innovation of carbide cutting tools

Since coating technology entered the application field of carbide cutting tools, the coating technology of carbide cutting tools has developed very rapidly. With the continuous acceleration of the innovation and development of coating technology, equipment, and composition, its ability to modify carbide cutting tools has also been continuously enhanced.

Because the coating technology has significant effects on improving the performance of carbide cutting tools, the flexibility of the technology, and the rapid development of new brands, not only the cutting performance of carbide cutting tools is greatly improved, but also the innovation of coating brands is fast and good.

3. The innovation momentum of carbide cutting tool structure is strong, showing great potential

We once had a vigorous innovation era of carbide cutting tools, and thus obtained the good reputation of carbide cutting tools which are hailed as human teeth. Later, we entered a low tide of carbide cutting tool innovation. Everyone made the so-called stereotyped products of the same structure according to the joint design drawings, and at the same time, they all made the same standard general-purpose carbide cutting tools.

With the development of computer-aided design and numerical control manufacturing technology, a strong material foundation has been provided for the innovation of carbide cutting tool structure, and a new era of carbide cutting tool innovation has been ushered in.

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