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How to Use Carbide Drills Correctly?

In the past, people thought that drilling should be done at a low feed rate and cutting speed. This view has been confirmed under the processing conditions of ordinary drills. Now, with the advent of carbide drills, the concept of drilling has also changed. In fact, a reasonable choice of carbide drills can greatly increase drilling productivity and reduce the cost of processing each hole.

Due to the high price of carbide drills, it is the responsibility of every machining worker to use it correctly and make the most of it. The reasonable use of carbide drills mainly includes the following aspects:

1. Choose the right machine tool when using carbide drills

Carbide drills can be used on CNC machine tools, machining centers and other machine tools, and ensure that the tool tip runout TIR<0.02. However, machine tools such as radial drilling and milling machines have low power and low spindle accuracy, which may cause premature damage to the drill and should be avoided as much as possible.

2. Choose the correct handle for carbide drills

Magazine tool, side thrust tool holders, hydraulic tool holders, thermal expansion tool holders, etc. can all be used, but due to the insufficient clamping force of the quick-change drill chuck, it is easy to cause the carbide drill to slip and fail, so it should be avoided.

3. The carbide drill should be properly cooled

For external cooling of carbide drills, attention should be paid to the combination of cooling directions to form an upper and lower trapezoidal structure, and minimize the angle with the tool. Secondly, for the internal cooling carbide drill, attention should be paid to the pressure and flow rate, and to prevent the leakage of the coolant from affecting the cooling effect.

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