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Kinds of Cemented Carbide Drill Bits

1. Overall cemented carbide drill bits set

Solide carbide drill bit set is suitable for precursor processing. It is made of fine cemented carbide material. In order to extend the service life, coating is also carried out. The specially designed geometric edge type enables the drill bit to have a self-centering function, with a good chip control and chip removal function when drilling workpiece materials. The self-centering function and strict processing accuracy of the cemented carbide drill bits ensure the quality of the drilling, and there is no need for subsequent trimming after drilling.

2. Cemented carbide drill bits with indexable blade

Cemented carbide drill bits with indexable blades have a wide machining aperture, and the machining depth is 2D~5D (D is the aperture). They can be used for lathe and other torsion machining.

3. Welded cemented carbide drill bits

The welding cemented carbide drill bits are welded on the steel drill body with a cemented carbide crown. This kind of cemented carbide drill bits adopt self-centering geometric edge type with small cutting force, which can realize chip control of large workpiece materials. Generally, the processed hole has a good degree of finishing, high dimensional accuracy and positioning accuracy, and no follow-up finishing is required. The cemented carbide drill bits adopt internal cooling method and can be used for machining, CNC lathe or other high-rigidity and high-speed machine tools.

4. Replaceable cemented carbide crown bit

The replaceable cemented carbide crown drill bit is a new generation of drilling tools. It is composed of a steel drill body and a replaceable integral cemented carbide tooth crown. Compared with a welded cemented carbide drill bits, its machining accuracy is almost the same, but because the tooth crown can be changed, it can reduce the processing cost and improve drilling production rate. This kind of cemented carbide drill bits can obtain accurate hole size increment with self-centering function, so the hole processing precision is very high.

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