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Sharpening of Carbide Inserts for Wood

How long the tool needs to be sharpened depends on the material being processed and the cutting method of the tool material. Tool sharpening is an important measure to maintain the sharpness of the tool, extend the service life of the tool, and ensure the quality of processing. 

Sharpening is an important part of carbide inserts for wood, which has a direct impact on the efficiency and life of the blade.

1. The purpose of sharpening wood with carbide inserts woodturning:

(1) Make the tool have a sharp cutting edge to improve its cutting efficiency.

(2) Make the cutting part of the tool have the correct geometry and dimensional accuracy.

(3) Make the tool working surface (rake face, flank face) have a small surface roughness, no annealing burn phenomenon and so on.

2. Precautions during sharpening:

(1) Before working, see the technical documents of sharpening tools, such as tool geometry, parameters and so on.

(2) According to the tool material, grinding method and grinding allowance, the grinding wheel should be selected reasonably and properly dressed. One of the purposes of wood cutting tool grinding is to obtain cutting-edge quality with high-cost performance, and the key to the quality lies in the selection of grinding wheel particle size. The finer the grinding wheel particle size, the smaller the cutting-edge chipping, and the lower the grinding efficiency.

(3) Determine the grinding steps correctly, sharpen the rake face (or both the rake face and the flank) with the sharp cutter, grind the flank with the relief cutter, and adjust the relative position of the tooth support plate (with the cutter above) as well as the grinding wheel, so as to prevent the displacement of the tooth support plate during indexing.

(4) When grinding, the force of holding the tool should be appropriate and even, so that the width of the edge belt (isolated edge) on the tool is the same in the whole length.

(5) The grinding amount should be appropriate to prevent annealing burn of cutter teeth.

(6) Cutting fluid is not added when grinding.

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