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Carbide Die Nibs

The die nibs which we use cemented carbide as material, named carbide die nibs. Carbide die nibs manufacture processes:

1. Prepare tungsten carbide powder+cobalt powder+some other microelement as per different carbide grade formula

2. Ball mill the mixed powders above.

3. Dry the milled powders

4. Add binder(wax or PE)

5. Press

6. CNC machine the pressed blank

7. HIP sintering

8. Further precise grinding as per drawing

9. Inspection(also to be done after each process before the material moved to next process)

10. Pack and ship


Characteristics for carbide grade for die nibs:

1. Medium to coarse grain size(1.3μm to 6.0μm(few use 1μm or smaller fine grain size carbide) to gain a higher impact strength.

2. Cobalt content is higher, above 10%, the 15% to 20% cobalt content is common. Few grades content lower cobalt for some special application.


Carbide grade selection tips for die nibs:

1. As per your experience as a die maker.

2. Turn to carbide factory for recommendation. For new project or new dies, describe the application as detailed as possible, let Betalent’s sales person recommend the grade as per their experience according to the die making market.

3. Try samples. If the application is new for both you and carbide factory, choose some different grades which you may consider to try samples, then select the best performance.

4. Two key points: service time and performance in serving time.


Precised ground carbide die nibs will be tightly pressed into the steel case to make the die. Most grinding of carbide die nibs will be done before the case assemble, however, sometimes the grinding will be done after the nib inserted into the case, because the process inserting the carbide nib into steel case sometimes may affect the position of the die concentricity, in some situation which the extreme precision is required, the carbide die nib is pressed into the case first, then the grinding of the die nib will be done. 

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