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Four Advantages of the China Carbide Insert

The china carbide insert, also known as cemented alloy blade, is made of proportionately matched tungsten carbide and cobalt powder through mixing, pressing and firing. It has a very high hardness, strength, and wear resistance. It also has a very high modulus of elasticity and belongs to the powder metallurgy industry.

Cemented alloy is a modern industry, and cemented alloy cutting tools play a fundamental role in promoting the development of the manufacturing industry.

The china carbide insert, which is called tungsten gold in the West, has characteristics that other jewelry materials can’t match. These characteristics are shown in the following:

(1) Tungsten steel has a high hardness. The hardness of tungsten steel can reach Mohs' hardness of 8.9 to 9.1, which is 10 times that of 18K gold and 4 times that of iron-gold, which is equivalent to that of sapphire. The high hardness makes tungsten steel very wear-resistant, not vulnerable to scratches, deformation and other problems.

(2) Tungsten steel has a high brightness. After being highly polished, the tungsten steel fully glows with gem-like color and light, and the brightness is like that of a mirror surface.

(3) Tungsten steel has good corrosion resistance. Through the artificial sweat test, it does not corrode at all, and does not fade, change color or rust. Besides the gloss can be maintained for a long time, which other metals cannot do.

(4) Tungsten steel has a high density and strong texture, making it a fashionable jewelry material.

The quality of tungsten steel products produced by Xiamen Betalent Carbide Co.,Ltd is quite good. Welcome to inquire us about the carbide insert. We will give you the greatest service wholeheartedly!

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