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Carbide cutting tools, also known as cemented carbide cutting tools or tungsten carbide cutting tools are the leading products of CNC machining tools. In some countries, more than 90% of turning tools and 55% of milling tools are made of cemented carbide, and this trend is increasing.

Tungsten carbide cutting tools have the characteristics of high hardness, high strength, high wear resistance and high modulus of elasticity, as well as good impact toughness and corrosion resistance. The main component is WC and Co. The general carbide cutter has solid carbide type and welding edge type. Betalent carbide focus on solid carbide end mill, solid carbide drill bit and solid carbide insert. 

As per the hardness of work piece, tungsten carbide drill bits, carbide end mills and carbide inserts can be classified to different series, standard size are general application in CNC machines, Betalent keeps large quantity stock of the standard items for a ready to ship fast delivery. And irregular size and precise industrial blades such as plotter blades and wire stripping blades are required drawing customization.


Carbide Insert

Carbide insert, also named CNC blade or indexable carbide insert, which is the mainstream product in the field of modern metal cutting application. It is mainly used in metal turning, milling, cutting groove, thread turning and other fields. Accordingly, we classify the carbide inserts as per function to be turning insert,milling insert and threading insert. 

Carbide End Mill

The hardness of work piece is the most important factor for selecting the end mills, standard end mills can be classified for HRC 45degree, 50deg.,55 deg. and 60deg. milling, special aluminum milling, and stainless steel milling end mills. There are three subcategories under each category as per the end shape, Flat end mill( square end mill), ball end mill, corner radius end mill. 

Carbide Drill Bit

As per the sequence of drilling a drill, carbide drill bits can be classified to be pilot drill bit, center drill bit, twist drill bit and spot-facer drill bit(countersink drill bit), as per the coolant way, there are external cooling drill bit and inner cooling drill bit with coolant hole. When the drilling depth exceeds 3D and reaches 5D or higher, the internal cooling can significantly improve the efficiency and service life.

Industrial Blade

Cemented carbide can be widely applied to industrial blades which require very sharp edge and wear resistant because of the super hard character (Usually above HRA 90degree for blades). Plotter blades, wood working blades, metal shear blades and wire stripping blade are three application examples.

Carbide Cutting Tool Manufacturing Process

Carbide End Mill and Drills: 1. Select qualified ground cut-to-length carbide rod. 2. Machine the end mill as per drawing in 5-axis WALTER or ROLLOMATIC grinding machines. 3. Inspect the geometry shape and the size of, flute. 4. Do proper coating to the flutes if necessary.5. Inspect the flutes with a Zoller tester. 6. Pack and ship as per order.

Carbide Inserts: 1. Make formula tungsten carbide powder by spray dry tower. 2. Press. Trim with CNC machine. Get the insert shape. 3. Sinter. Come out the hard insert blank. 4, Precision machining. Cutting, grinding, polishing. 5. Inspection. The inspection also should be done after each process to make sure only qualified products can be pass to the next process. 6. Pack and ship as per order.

Industry blades: 1. Select qualified carbide blank. 2. Precision machining. Cutting, grinding, polishing by CNC machines, EDM, centerless grinding machine, OD grinder, Wire cutting machines, etc. 3.Inspection. 4. Pack and ship as per order.

Types of Carbide Cutting Tools

Carbide Cutting Tools for Lathes

Common cutting tools for lathe production and manufacture of hardware products including end mills, drills, inserts, turning tool, special-shaped blades, and other accessories, such as round bar, embossing wheel, saw blade, knurled wheel, etc., different manufacturing process needs different cutting tools, Betalent carbide focus on making carbide end mills, carbide drills, carbide tips, carbide industrial blades, and customized irregular shape carbide cutting tools. 

Carbide Cutters for metal

Hardness of most metals is below 65HRC, which is within the machining capability of various formulated cemented carbide. Carbide cutters for metals including carbide insert, carbide end mill, carbide drills, carbide taps, and carbide blades in various shapes. Contact Betalent carbide for professional information in these areas.

Carbide Cutters for woodturning tools

Woodturning is important for furniture manufacture. Traditional carbide cutters for woodturning tools including carbide drill bits, carbide end mills, carbide inserts for face milling cutter. Carbide grades BT45 to BT60 are applied in this machining area, and the different coating is applied for different hardness wood.

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