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The Processing Technology of Carbide Cutting Tools

1. Heat treatment process of cemented carbide tools

For a long time, cemented carbide tools have been welcomed by the market for their excellent strength and toughness. However, cemented carbide tools are particularly susceptible to bending, deformation or local stress concentration during the heat treatment process. We should pay attention to this in the design to avoid parts that may cause stress concentration.

If it is a slender piece with a relatively large length, every time it is quenched and tempered during the heat treatment of cemented carbide tools, the deformation and runout must be checked and straightened. Therefore, the range of processing high-temperature alloys with cemented carbide tools is wider.

2. Improved measures for cutting high-temperature alloys with cemented carbide tools

The processing difficulty of superalloys is 24 times that of ordinary metals, and the cutting resistance is great. Because the high temperature alloy contains a variety of high melting point metal elements, it has austenite solid solution and good plasticity, and has strong resistance to deformation. In addition, high-temperature alloys have low thermal conductivity, strong friction between the workpiece and non-standard tools, and poor thermal conductivity, so the cutting temperature is high, and ordinary steel tools and cemented carbide tools are not easy to process.

Aiming at the processing characteristics of high-temperature alloys, our company has specially equipped the corresponding cemented carbide brand BL610. The cemented carbide tools of this brand not only solve the problem of high-temperature alloy cutting. Moreover, due to the high dispersion of the hard phase and cobalt, it also pulls the bonding area, effectively improves the bonding strength of non-metals, and also has good cutting performance in high-temperature alloy cutting. Apart from that, we are also a professional cemented carbide manufacturer. After PVD coating on non-standard cemented carbide tools, a thin coating is applied to the non-standard tools, which is usually used to cover sharp cutting edges; this is especially important when machining super alloys.

3. Indexable carbide cutting tools and drills

Welded cemented carbide tools and replaceable cemented carbide drills are self-centering geometric blades composed of two symmetrical blades. This kind of high stability cutting edge design, in addition to installing the drill bit and cutting to the surface of the workpiece at a certain inclination, there is no need to reduce the feed speed of the workpiece during cutting. Carbide cutting tools are relatively brittle in lathe processing, especially when the drill bit is not well aligned, it is easy to break.

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