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Ground Carbide

Ground carbide here refers only to the carbide product series of the precision ground shaft for water meter, precision meters, instruments. Character is that very precise mirror polishing ground, very high hardness can not deform easily under high pressure, very good corrosion-resistant.

Tips in tungsten steel grinding  

  1. Make a reasonable choice of grinding parameters, and adopt the method of fine grinding with a smaller radial feed rate or even fine grinding. Reducing the radial feed rate and wheel speed, increasing the axial feed rate can reduce the contact area between the grinding wheel and the workpiece, improve the heat dissipation conditions, and effectively control the increase of surface temperature. Reasonable selection and dressing of grinding wheel, white corundum grinding wheel is good, its performance is hard and brittle, cutting force is small, grinding heat is small, medium grain size is used in grain size, such as 46-60 mesh, and medium soft and soft (ZR1, Zr2, and R1, R2) are used for wheel hardness, that is, coarse-grained and low hardness grinding wheel can reduce cutting heat.            

  2. Select the appropriate coolant. The coolant has the three functions of cooling, washing, and lubrication. Keep the lubrication clean, so as to control the grinding heat within the allowable range, hence to prevent the thermal deformation of the workpiece. Improve the cooling conditions during grinding, such as using an oil-immersed grinding wheel or internal cooling grinding wheel. When the cutting fluid is introduced into the center of the grinding wheel, the cutting fluid can directly enter into the grinding area to play an effective cooling role and prevent the surface burn of the workpiece.

Product series of ground carbide

1.Water meter shaft

Ground carbide especially for water meter.

2.Carbide shaft

Various ground carbide shaft.

3.Precision shaft

Precision shaft made of ground carbide rod.

4.Non-magnetic carbide shaft

In some situations, nonmagnetic carbide is needed for the shaft.


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79 Xinggang Wuli, Xiamen Area,China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone 361024 Xiamen Betalent Carbide Co.,Ltd